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You’re Already ‘Photo-Ready’

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Can we please normalize how our bodies look in their relaxed state?

Life is too friggin short to worry about how we look in every single position, every minute of every day. Screw that. Life isn’t 2D, and neither are we.

Fat is GOOD for you. It feeds your brain and helps keep you alive. If you don’t have some amount of body fat, your systems will literally shut down. It happened to me years ago when I had an eating disorder. I’m more than happy to talk about it if any of you are struggling or know someone who is. Feel free to reach out if you think that would be helpful.

Please note that I am certainly NOT the expert on this, so while I’m happy to share my story, I cannot give medical advice. However, I do have resources and recommendations for professionals who can help.

It’s time to love ourselves better.

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