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Megan Guinta, a New Jersey native, was dancing as soon as she could walk and has been passionate about movement ever since.  She was introduced to the GYROTONIC® method and Pilates at age 13, which was crucial cross-training for her as an aspiring dancer.  These methods helped her build strength and flexibility, helped manage and prevent injuries, and enabled her to earn a BFA in dance at SUNY Purchase. Megan also studied at Beijing Dance Academy in China and has toured in Canada, Sri Lanka, and all over the United States.  

Megan calls New York City home and teaches throughout Manhattan. She also offers remote sessions via Zoom.  She holds certifications in GYROTONIC® Levels 1 and 2, GYROKINESIS® method, Jumping Stretching Board, Archway, GYROTONIC® Applications for Osteoporosis, GYROTONIC® Principles Applied to Dynamic Trunk Stabilization, GYROTONIC® Applications for Runners, and Prenatal / Postnatal education.  She attended the rigorous program at the Kane School for education in Anatomy, Pilates mat, and Pilates equipment.




Movement is medicine.  I've experienced healing through movement time and again in my own life, and in my clients' lives.  It's a joy to play a role in guiding people's healing journeys - to learn alongside them; to witness their growth; to watch them discover more about themselves; to see their grit in the face of challenge; and to celebrate with them as they conquer pain and live more comfortable lives.   Over the past 10 years, I have worked with a wide array of people - young ballerinas, prenatal and postnatal women, those with chronic illness, individuals recovering from surgery, triathletes, and elderly clients looking for a new start - and I've learned that each person has a beautiful, unique way of moving their body.  The craft of my teaching is to find what works for you - learning how to push you further, while still honoring your unique body and story.

It is incredibly rewarding to witness the transition in my clients that happens during one session. Don't we all arrive to our workouts overwhelmed with the worries and 'to-dos' of the day, but leave feeling longer, lighter, and refreshed?  I know I do.  My clients often tell me that our session is the only hour they have for themselves.  That time is vital!  When we take care of ourselves, there is a ripple effect that extends into our families, workplace, and communities.  When you free your body, you free your mind.

My endeavor in every session is to alleviate pain, address my clients' goals, create equilibrium, build strength, and have FUN.  Ultimately, the GYROTONIC® and Pilates systems are there to help you continue doing the things you love, whether that's dancing, running, biking, skiing, swimming, singing, yoga-ing, playing an instrument, carrying heavy grocery bags, picking up grandkids, or simply sitting at a desk.  Creating strength and ease in the body will help you feel better in daily life.  When you feel better, you live better.

Regardless of where you are in your own journey, I believe that there is always hope.  I invite you to come with an open mind.  It doesn’t matter if you haven’t exercised in years.  You might be surprised by your own potential, and by what we can achieve together.

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"Megan is small in stature but huge in heart, strength, and knowledge about healing & the human body. She is a gem."

– DAVE, 62

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"As a triathlete in my mid-40’s, my best days were supposed to be behind me. But practicing with Megan, I’ve set multiple PRs on the bike and the run over the last 18 months, all the while injury-free.

Megan is great fun to work with, she’s a wizard at tailoring workouts to goals outside of Gyro, her cues are specific and easy to dial into, and she is so slick about nudging you through even the most excruciating core work. With Megan’s guidance, I’m stronger, more fluid and more flexible than I ever have been — and I can’t wait to see where she helps me get from here."


— Steve, 46

Manhattan Dad

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