Workout Lesson


This is one of the most affordable options, and is a great way to supplement your private training.  Want to exercise and connect with others at the same time?  Group classes offer a wonderful sense of community.  My classes are open to people of all ages, levels, and abilities.  If we haven’t worked together yet, please reach out to me prior to your first group class!  I’d love to get an idea of your needs and goals.  I advise anyone who is pregnant, injured, or recovering from surgery to please check-in with me before attending - so I can prepare modifications for you ahead of time, to keep you safe and help you get the most out of class!





I’m all yours. This is an hour reserved just for you, catered to your needs.  In a private session, we have the space and privacy to address your unique goals, at your own pace.  This is the place to ask questions and dig deep into your movement journey.  It is where I see my clients make the most progress.  A private can be a GYROTONIC® session, Pilates session, or a combination of the two.  It can be in-person or remote.  A private session is the best option for those who are pregnant, injured, recovering from surgery, or anyone who is committed to taking their game to the next level.


Want to share your movement practice with a friend, partner, or relative?  Other than private sessions, this is the most intimate lesson available to you; where individual attention is a priority.  A duet session is just you and one other person; small groups are limited to three people total.


Delve into a new hobby with your spouse, or keep your friends accountable by working out together!





Move your body anywhere!  My virtual offerings have made exercising accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.  I’ve been teaching remotely for years, and it works surprisingly well.  Even if you live close enough to work with me in-person, this is a great option for those crazy days in which you  just can’t make it to the studio. 


I can assure you: even through the screen, I see everything.  Virtual classes and privates will help you get one step closer to achieving your goals!